Attainment of Self-Reliance through Senior Secondary School Science and Technical Curriculum: An Appraisal

  • A.N Igboabuchi


All over the world, the importance of science is never in doubt since the 17th century AD. The countries of Europe were the first to acknowledge and develop it for man’s use. The developing countries of the third world like Nigeria, depend for their total development today on the already developed countries of Western Europe and America. The attainment of good degree of self-reliance had been, since this age of science and technology, the major focus of developing countries. To this effect, Nigeria changed her education structure since 1976 and reorganized her secondary school curricular with emphasis on science and technical subjects with the intention of cultivating scientific culture in Nigeria and equipping secondary school graduates with skills that would make them self-reliant. This work x-rayed the many –sided advantages of science and its application and analyzed the effects of the journey so far as regards the extent the science and technical schools are impacting on the school graduates and the society. The appraisal revealed a
near zero impact leading the author to provide possible solutions as a way out of the woods.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057