Subscribers’ Complaints and Response of the Global Satellite Mobile (GSM) Network Operators in Nigeria

  • SB Isiaka


Global Satellite Mobile (GSM) network was introduced into Nigeria in 2001 amidst various challenges that have serious effect on the quality of the services. The most serious among these challenges is the epileptic power supply. The GSM subscribers on their part also face many problems, major of which is constant network failure. Other problems include card recharging problem; checking of balance difficulty and wrong deduction of credit. The study was therefore designed to examine how the GSM Network operators respond to the complaints of the Subscribers. Implications and consequences of the subscribers’ complaints on the providers were discussed. Both primary and secondary sources were used in obtaining relevant data and information. The primary source includes questionnaire and personal interaction. The secondary source includes the historical background of GSM in Nigeria; relevant extracts from current News Magazines and review of related literature. Selected GSM Operators in Nigeria were used as case study. Based on the findings, the paper recommends ways to tackle subscribers’ complaints. These recommendations were categorized into four- To the GSM Providers; To the Government; To the GSM regulatory body in Nigeria; and to the Subscribers.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057