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The Design and Construction of a Portable Kerosene Pressure-Cooker

KD Moh


This paper dealt with the design and construction of a portable kerosene pressure-cooker. The existing cookers and the problems associated with them were analyzed. The need and importance of this work were also high highlighted. The design consists of three parts: the cylinder, the piping, and
the frame. The R-12 refrigerant cylinder was redesigned to suit the kerosene cylinder, since it has the desirable features for that purpose. Using the principles of fluid dynamics, this work was able to establish that the power of the cooker is 179.922KW, and that under a constant pressure of IMPa the cooker will discharge and burn 1 litre of kerosene in 3.5 minutes giving out an enormous heat energy of 38.2MJ

Key Words: Volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, power, energy, pressure.
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