Nutrient Values of Chrysophyllum Albidum Linn African Star Apple as a Domestic Income Plantation Species

  • U.N Ureigho
  • B.A Ekeke


This study analyzed the nutritive composition of Chrysophyllum albidum Linn. It was necessitated by the need towards creating awareness that this species can provide nutrient supplements for the larger percentage of the population in the rural and peri-urban communities. Chrysophyllum albidum locally called “Udara” is one of the 80 species of Chrysophyllum Linn, a pan-tropical genus. Market Survey was done to collect data from three major markets in Rivers State known for assorted fruits business. Eight to ten of morphologically differing types were characterized and further identified into types. Nine fruit types were morphologically identified and comprehensively analyzed in Food Science and Technology Laboratory, Rivers State University of Science and Technology for nutrient content. The analysis has shown that Chrysophyllum albidum has an approximation of carbohydrate (11%), crude fibre (4%), Lipids (3%), protein (7%), Calcium (17.11ppm), Iron (< Ippm), phosphorus (9.92ppm), vitamin C (25.03ppb), A (10.74ppb), B1 and B2 (< 1ppb). It is recommended that the awareness of the nutritive value of this species be created so as to increase it’s consumption as food supplement to the larger population and expand its utilization.

Keywords: Chrysophyllum albidum C, Food fruits, nutrients, Fruit
plantations, Income plantations.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057