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Towards Sustainable Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria

OS Ogunleye


Poverty, a global issue that is complex and multi-dimensional is one of the most dangerous diseases ravaging mankind. The quality of life one lives is greatly tied to whether he is poor or not, as such, government at all levels in Nigeria have on various occasions attempted to roll out programmes that can alleviate poverty. Despite these attempts, the scourge seems unbolting as a result of the negative role of globalization in the economy of Nigeria, disparities in peoples income, gender imbalance as far as access to economic resources is concerned, disparities in access to health and education, macroeconomic mis-management on the part of successive government, corruption, neglect of agriculture among others. The study recommends investment in infrastructure, involvement of the people at the grassroot in the design, implementation, monitoring of poverty alleviation programmes, introduction of social grants like old age, child support, disability, unemployment etc, end to privatization of state functions, enhanced probity and accountability and reformation of the polity for sustainable poverty alleviation in Nigeria.

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