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Poverty, Access to Health Care Services and Human Capital Development in Nigeria

OB Akpomuvie


The paper is aimed at examining the poverty profile of Nigeria and its consequences on access to health care services and human capital development in the country. It is a startling paradox that about two – thirds
of Nigerians are poor despite living in a country with vast potential wealth. Apart from looking at the theoretical milieu, the paper also examined the nature and dimensions of poverty in Nigeria. The paper which employed secondary methods of data collection revealed that the achievement of even
the modest goal of stopping the traumatic march of poverty has so far eluded Nigeria. It further revealed that health is a major component of a nation’s socio-economic development because it is essential for a virile labour force
for the creation and maintenance of its wealth. The paper however, recommended comprehensive health sector reform, aimed at strengthening
the national health system and enhancing the delivery of effective and affordable health services.