Globalization, Imperialism and Christianity: The Nigerian Perspective

  • BAC Obiefuna
  • AC Ezeoba


There appears to be very close link between globalization and imperialism. Both seem to have domineering character. Globalization could be likened to a new wave of imperialism as it could be adjudged the process by which the so called superior powers of the West dominate and influence developing countries like Nigeria. They are expansionist in nature. Christianity has the same expansionist features as globalization and imperialism. The imperialist
nature of globalization could be assessed from the expansionist activities of Christianity that equally originates from the West. This paper is an attempt to
discuss globalization, imperialism and Christianity as expansionist realities from the Nigerian perspective. Information is gathered from content analyses
of the concepts of globalization, imperialism and Christianity and simple observation of what Nigeria experiences with regard to Christianity. It is  observed that much of what Christianity favours are materials from the West.
The paper concludes that Christianity more than ever before rides on the crest of globalization to further imperialism. It suggests that Christianity in the twenty-first century should be more inculturated than hanging on the apron strings of the West especially with regard to religious wares.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057