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Promoting Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Education: The Panacea for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria

KRE Okoye, TI Eze


Poverty among Nigerian people has been noted to be devastating to the extent that Nigeria was ranked 12th among the poorest nations in the world by World Bank in its 2000 World Bank Atlas (Ohia, 2000). Findings also show that most Nigerians live on less than 1 Dollar per day. With poverty, hunger sets in with its attendant crime, corruption and many other social vices. These anomalies are prevalent among Nigerians because of the neglect meted out to TVET, which objectives hinge on the use of head and hands for wealth creation. This paper gives clue to phenomena about creative abilities and entrepreneurial spirit by which possession, one would expectantly become job creator rather than job seeker and as well raise his living standard above poverty level. In conclusion, the paper sadly pointed out that traditional ideas and primitive techniques that served well in the past are relegated in preference for foreign ideas and foreign made goods with minimal concern by Nigerians to improve on local capabilities. What should be done to achieve success were proffered.
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