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Demographic Variables as Determinants of Women’s Participation in Child Nutrition Education in Osun State, Nigeria

YL Olaleye


The study examined demographic variables as determinants of women participation in child nutrition education in Osun State, with a view to establishing the level of nutrients children have in breast-feeding and how child nutrition education impacted women participation and psychosocial development of mothers and children. The descriptive survey research design was employed. The random sampling technique was used to select  525 respondents which comprised mothers who brought their children to the hospitals and clinics. t-test was used to analyse the data There was significant difference in level of women participation with low and higher education in child nutrition awareness (t=1.96, df =525, p>0.5). There was no significant difference in the level of participation of unemployed and employed women in child nutrition awareness (t=.567, df =525,p>0.5). Similarly, there was significant difference between the level of participation of single and married women in child nutrition awareness’. (t=1.815, df =525, p>0.5. Therefore, the study recommended that every women, irrespective of age, level of education, level of employment, or marital  status need to be educated and aware of the effects of nutrients children acquired in breast-feeding. Also, the government; non-governmental organizations, community workers and society at large should organize seminars and workshops on how to improve child nutrition practices.

Key words: Demographic, child nutrition, education, women participation,
Osun State
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