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The Asele Period in Uche Okeke’s Creativity 1958-1966

CC Chukueggu


The Asele Period is a research study of a major aspect of the creative works of Professor Uche Okeke. The artist, who is generally regarded as father of modern Nigerian art tradition, has made various giant strides in the creative development of the country. He is naturally endowed with skill and good knowledge of the traditional mythology, belief system and customs of his Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria. He has effectively explored them in the development of visual arts in the country. These contributions to a great extent, transformed the face of visual art in Nigeria .This study therefore substantially represents the creative works of the artist during the period under review. Uche Okeke classified his artistic career into three major dispensations, the researcher has therefore adopted same format in his study so as to properly key into the creative legend’s classification of his artworks and career development. The Asele period has indepthly reviewed the activities of the artist locally and internationally between 1958 and 1966. It discusses the artist’s inspiration as well as the cultural and symbolic inclination of his artworks. It also reviews the iconographic presentation of the artworks which the artist keyed into his Igbo mythology. The artist’s major works in the Asele Period is also articulated in a catalogue

Keywords: Igbo folklore, Oja Suite, Munich Suite, Metaphoric Roles, Line
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