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Survey of Gastro-Intestinal Parasites of Chimpanzees and Drill Monkeys in Drill Ranch, Calabar, Cross River State-Nigeria

PA Akpan, JT Abraham, PO Ekwetiong


An investigation of the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in chimpanzees and drill monkeys in Drill ranch Calabar, cross river state, Nigeria was carried out. A total of 300 faecal specimens were collected from chimpanzees and drill monkeys respectively, processed and examined microscopically. Parasites, their developmental stages and prevalence, recovered from drill monkeys were; Strongyloides sp, larvae, 66 (22%), Prosther sp, ova, 48 (16%), Entamoeba sp, larval, 120 (40%), Necator sp, eggs, 33 (11%) and Hymenolepis sp, segment, 30(11%). From chimpazees, Strongyloides sp, larvae, 33(11%), Entamoeba sp, larval, 198(66%), Dipylidium sp, segments, 27(9%) and Hymenolepis sp, segment, 33 (11%) were recovered. Though no sign or symptom of infection was observed, the  investigation confirmed the presence of parasites in these primates and call for regular checkup and application of control measures to avoid endemicity.
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