Science and Technology Research for Sustainable Development in Africa: The Imperative of Education

  • SA Ekanem
  • RS Ekanem
  • JB Ejue
  • PB Amimi


The dichotomy of the world along two economic poles, of developed and developing is mostly linked to the level of science and technology sophistication. This implies that science and technology play pivotal roles in the development of nations. However, to be effective and relevant, science and technology must be carried out in such a way that promotes sustainable development. This is because there are certain issues that are associated with science and technology that need to be properly addressed. Some of these issues are social, economic, ethical, political and environmental. The totality of all these can be said to be what  constitutes sustainable development. The global power play is focused on the levels of science and technology of nations. This has placed African countries at a disadvantage. There are also ethical implications of these vital aspects of man’s endavour. Science and technology are human centered since they strive to make man to conquer, domesticate his environment and understand nature towards making man comfortable. This makes science and technology to provoke certain epistemological questions that border on the relevance and benefits of science and technology. In this paper, effort is made to establish the imperative of education to science and technology.



Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057