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Perseverance: an Indispensable Value for Man’s Success in the Light of Lk. 9:62

BC Udeh


As a clergy in the missionary field, who has been interacting with people,
coupled with the experiences gathered in the institutions of higher learning, it has been observed that many people who are facing many difficult challenges in life, most often despair and surrender. Many people do not know that if they fail in one area, they can still succeed in another. What it means therefore is that one is expected to know one’s target, and do everything within one’s power to hit that target. It is to this effect that Jesus, referring to the kingdom of God as a necessary target, emphatically affirmed that, who ever puts his hands on the plough and looks back, is not fit for the kingdom of God (Luke 9:62). The purpose of this write up therefore is to awaken people’s consciousness on the importance of perseverance in man’s quest for success in life and to urge people to persevere in their struggle for survival. To verify the possibility of hitting ones target through perseverance, the researcher, examined the difficulties experienced by Abraham Lincoln during his journey to the presidential seat of America and Helen killer’s achievements in life in spite of her deformities. It was observed that duo were able to succeed because of their perseverance and tenacity towards the achievement of their set target. The conclusion therefore is that those who have persevered in the pursuit of their set target most often succeeded. It is therefore recommended that everyone should be able to identify ones set target and go for it. Furthermore, people should stop losing hope in the face of difficulties rather, one should get convinced that perseverance and tenacity can give victory to all.
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