Women NGO’s and Women Empowerment in Nigeria

  • I Arum


An investigation was carried out into the activities of various women non –
governmental organizations (NGO) in Nigeria, as a veritable tool for women empowerment. The results of the research revealed that women NGO’s have
ventured into areas that were previously ignored by government such areas include female genital mutilation, women trafficking, widowhood rites, women reproductive health, among others. In other for these NGO’s to be more effective and offer greater benefits in the development of Nigeria and Nigerian women. The study recommended that the NGO’s or government
should design programmes between the women in developed countries and those in Nigeria. The research further recommended that customs and taboos averse to women education should be dismantled.

Keywords: Women Empowerment, Non – Governmental Organisation, irst


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eISSN: 2070-0083
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