Human Resource Development and the Productivity of the Civil Service of Cross River State, Nigeria

  • AA Egbe
  • EB Obo
  • PB Amimi


This study was designed to determine the level of training and development of civil employees and how it affects their present and future productive capacities. Survey design was adopted for the study. Civil employees selected from six ministries constituted the population for the study from which a sample of 90 was randomly drawn, 15 employees from each ministry. Two research questions and a null hypothesis was formulated to guide and direct the study. The t-test statistic and simple percentages were used to analysis
hypothesis and questionnaire respectfully. The result revealed that civil
employees in cross river state civil service were not exposed to regular
training workshops and refresher courses required to cope with job
challenges and organizational changes. Hence, they are denied the
opportunity of acquiring the relevant skills and knowledge required to
perform tasks effectively and these has a direct and immediate impact on
productivity. It was recommended that government should expose its
employees to regular training workshops and refresher courses as well as
award scholarships to intelligent employees to improve their educational

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057