Motherhood, Gender Education Reforms, Empowerment, MDGS, Sustainable Development

  • CO Duze


In rural communities of Africa, a mother carrying a bundle of firewood, with
a child strapped on her back and another toddling behind her is common
identity. It is a reflection of abject poverty happening at the same time
women astronauts in America are leading teams to outer space! In Brazil,
about 42 percent of the work force is women, and, a Newspaper in Sao Paulo
called mothers who raise children full-time an “endangered species”
implying that this category of women will soon disappear in the economy of
Brazil! This is one reason Brazil is today one of the fastest growing
economies of the Third World. These women contribute in no small way to
family and nation building. It is for this reason that this study sought needed
reforms/innovations in motherhood/gender education in enhancing
attainment of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa for sustainable
development. In doing this, responses of 1,672 working mothers, randomly
selected from North, South, East, and West Africa were analyzed which
identified top among ten others as providing mid-day heavy meals for
children at school, free formal and continuing education for mothers, free
transportation for children to and from school, free well-equipped hospitals
inside schools.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
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