Nigerian Indigenous vs Exotic Hens: the Correlation Factor in Body Weight and Laying Performance

  • BO Agaviezor
  • FO Ajayi
  • OA Adebambo
  • HH Gunn


Genetic interrelationship within and between strains was assessed using pure Nigerian normal feathered local, pure exotic and their crossbred hens for age and body weight at first lay, egg weight and egg internal quality traits. 100 layers comprising 20 Black Nera, 20 White Leghorn, 20 Normal
feathered local chicken, 20 White Leghorn x Local cross and 20 Black Nera x Local crosses were randomly selected from a breeding stock of about 500 chickens. Pearson correlation analysis revealed a positive relationship
between age and body weight at first egg in all the pure exotic strains. A low but negative relationship between age at first egg and egg weight was
observed in White Leghorn, local and their crosses. The r values were
generally low and not significant except in Black Nera (r = 0.515). however,
a strong, significant and positive relationship was observed between body
weight at first egg and egg weight in the local hen (r = 0.765). These results suggest that selection for increased body weight in the local chicken will result in increase in egg size and egg internal quality traits. These values were relatively higher in the crossbred and pure local chicken compared to their pure exotic counterparts.

Keywords: Body weight, egg weight, egg quality, traits.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057