Vectors of Paragonimus Uterobilateralis a Causative Fluke for Paragonimiasis in Cross River State-Nigeria

  • JT Abraham
  • PA Akpan


Investigation into suggested vectors of Paragonimus uterobilateralis a
causative agent of Paragonimiasis was carried out. The investigation was
informed by the need to ascertain vectors of the lung fluke-paragonimus to enhance health education of the inhabitant of the affected village for control purpose. Dissected Pseudanautes Africanus, Astacus sp, Potedema freethii and Onchomelina sp were examined for intermediate stages of Paragonimus. Samples of crustaceans and gastropods examined for larvae of Paragonimus showed Pseudanautes Africanus, Astacus sp, Potedema freethii and Onchomelina sp as carriers of larvae of Paragonimus. Ninety three (93%) of P. africanus were incriminated with 30.5% of all isolated eggs, 33.9% of cercaria and 39.7% of rediae. Ninety six (96%) of Astacus were incriminated with 39.4% of all eggs, 66.1% cercaria and 60.3% of Rediae. Sixty (60) percent of P. freethii were incriminated with 11% of all eggs and 67% of miracidium and sporocysts while eighty eight (88%) of Onchomelina sp were incriminated with 19.2% of all eggs and 33% of miracidium. The hosts were wide spread along Cross River tributaries suggesting the possibility of infection along the course of the river. The examined crustaceans and gastropods are vectors of P. uterobilateralis in Cross River state of Nigeria. Since metacercaria was isolated only from P. africanus, infections was suggested to be mainly through consumption of this crab host.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057