Linkages between Poverty and Environmental Degradation

  • FO Ibimilua


Fundamentally, the concern for the environment has much to do with ‘richpoor’ divide. There is a general belief that the poor tampers more frequently with the fauna and flora of the environment, while the devastation caused by the rich to the environment is higher in scale. The point being made is that both the poor and the rich do cause damages to the environment, but at different frequency and magnitude. This study conceptualizes environmental concerns of the poor so as to formulate appropriate policy measures for environmental awareness and sustainable development. It is limited to poverty -environment interrelationships through an overview of the perception of the poor about the environment and their behaviour to the environment. The environment provides water, energy and raw materials through which socio, cultural and economic, spiritual and financial resources are generated. At the same time, it is the recipient and recycler  of wastes. If the environment is damaged, all the resources it provide will equally be damaged, hence, the necessity to take care of the environment.

Key Words: Linkages, Poverty, Environmental Degradation, Environmental


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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057