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Mediamorphosis: Analyzing the Convergence of Digital Media Forms alongside African Traditional Media

AN Nwammuo


The history of the evolution of media shows that the introduction of a new
medium does not mean the end or death of an existing old medium. The
continuing overall growth and expansion of the media industries during the
last century supports this assertion. Will the emergence and development of digital media forms mean the death of the traditional media forms? Are the traditional media forms losing credibility and relevance? The answer is not in the affirmative. This is because when newer forms of communication
media emerge, the older forms usually do not die, rather they continue to
evolve and adapt. Digital media forms do not arise spontaneously and
independently from old media. They are related and connected to old media. “Mediamorphosis” is the term used to describe how media forms evolve and adapt with each other. This is the bedrock of this paper. It is aimed at using analytical method to examine the contexts of mediamorphosis, digital media forms and how African traditional media forms have evolved, adapted and coexisted with the digital media forms. The study also establishes whether the traditional media forms have disappeared or not and whether they are still relevant in this era of digital media convergence. The study recommends among others, that the traditional media be used alongside these digital media forms to achieve the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) of most governments in developing nations.

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