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Urbanization and Effective Town Planning in Nigeria

OE Aluko


Town planning as a professional discipline in the field of environmental
studies and management is essentially for all town and country planning
activities and development in the country. The town planning profession will
have a lot of things to say as regards good governance. The profession
flourished well before the Land Use Act, suffered grievously during the thick
of Land Use Act, which eroded a lot of functions in the preparation of layouts
due to the executive power of the State Administrators over land. The military
regime dealt a serious blow to the progress and implementation of planning
programmes by flagrant abuses and imposition of orders. Planning became
full government controlled and development control was public-oriented,
whereas under the effective rule of law and good governance, physical
planning is meant to take adequate control of future development. The
systematic development is essential and necessary for the orderly growth of
the towns and cities with the use of master plans, land use zoning, and layout
of new areas as some of the planners’ techniques for achieving the desired
goal. That is why good governance and effective leadership control is an
asset for city development. These analyses are what the paper has examined.