Poverty Eradication and Sustainability of Healthful Living in Nigeria

  • MA Olubayo-Fatiregun
  • K Aderonmu


Poverty is not simply a lack of adequate income; it is a multi-dimensionalphenomenon that extends beyond the economic arena to encompass factors such as the inability to participate in social and political life. In short,poverty is the deprivation of one�s ability to live as a free and dignifiedhuman being with the full potential to achieve one�s desired goals in life.Poverty level remains stubbornly-and-unacceptably high in sub-SaharaAfrica. This paper discussed poverty eradication as a tool to sustainablehealthful living in developing countries with special reference to Nigeriaunder the following:- poverty on human environment, Nigeria experiencesand poverty eradication program. In Nigeria it was evident that despite allsocio-economic, educational measures and police such as structuraladjustment programme (SAP) austerity measures, Universal Basic Education(UBE), devaluation of naira and seven point agenda mounted to improveeconomic status of family, have yield nothing but increased suffering, poorhealth and wide spread of social economic gap between families. lif

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eISSN: 2070-0083
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