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Road Transport System Management and Traffic in Lagos, South Western Nigeria

AO Atubi


There is hardly any human society or human settlement system that canfunction efficiently and effectively without adequate, reliable, safe andaffordable transport systems management (TSM). The most fundamentalreason for this being the catalytic effect of transport development on socioeconomic growth and development. Transport can also play a significant role in territorial administration, political development, the defence of territories as well as in promoting regional cooperation. In Lagos State, there is a complex mix of landuses and all the major broad groupings of person movements in urban areas are made between them. Thus, while trips are made for a variety of purposes they are made to and from various landuses. Within any specified geographical area, certain landuses are greater attractors or generators of trips than others. However, the type of landuse in Lagos affects the flow of traffic to and from any location and therefore, the possibility of road traffic accidents.

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