Tradition and Art Appreciation: A Boost to Cultural Tourism in Nigeria

  • KO Bakare
  • TY Akinbileje


It is abysmal and disheartening to observe that Nigeria is depleted of parts of its cultural treasury to looters. It is delighted to deduce that these assets (tradition and art) are indispensable to our cultural pride and are potential assets to tourism, which has recently become world�s �gold mine�. The paper examines the implications of non-challant attitudes of Nigerians toward cultural preservation which adversely perch on our cultural bearing and disposition. It suggests solutions to some upheavals been faced by cultural tourism in Nigeria. It further unveils the deception and antics used by foreigners to dispossess us of our cultural heritage, which is consequently repackaged and sold back to us at extortionate prices. This study endeavors to document the inventory of some museums in Nigeria. In essence, the earlier Nigerians realize this, the better for us to start to reap the unflinching prospects inherent in our cultural heritage and endowment. The paper recommends that there is need for individual citizens to develop profound interest in Nigeria�s cultural heritage for development of tourism industry via cultural assets, so as to generate substantial foreign exchange earnings, accelerate rural urban development, generate employment and promote local cultural exchange for national unity and identity. 

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057