Prevalence of Vaginal Candidiasis among Pregnant Women in Nnewi Town of Anambra State, Nigeria

  • NJ Okonkwo
  • PU Umeanaeto


Vaginal specimens were collected from three hundred pregnant womenattending pre-natal visits in three selected hospitals in Nnewi, AnambraState, Nigeria. All pregnant patients were considered throughout the period of the study, that is, total sampling having obtained an informed consent from them. Ninety patients were positive for vaginal candidiasis thus, giving a prevalence rate of 30%. The pregnant women aged 26 to 30 recorded the highest prevalence (13.669; df = 5) which is statistically significant (p<0.05). The women who were in their third trimester of pregnancy were mostly infected (6.163; df = 2) and the infection status was highly significant (p<0.05). The symptomatic and asymptomatic patients were uniformly exposed to the Candida infection hence, there was no significant difference between them (p>0.05). Further stratification of the pregnant women according to their parity revealed that Candida infection decreases with parity and is significantly higher in pregnant women who are in their first or second pregnancy p0-1. Consideration of the socio-economic status of the women in terms of vaginal candidiasis showed no significant difference (p>0.05). The findings of the present study were discussed.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057