ICT's, Service Delivery and Operational Performance in Nigerian Banks: A Survey of Empirical Research

  • OS Emmanuel


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has become a major tool for gaining competitive advantage in the corporate world and as such it has become integrated into the operations of most high performing organizations. Hence, there has been increased interest to better understand the processes of how ICT diffusion is informing business practices and influencing performance in organizations. This paper examined these issues with specific focus on the Nigerian banking industry. The paper sought to answer the questions of how far are ICTs diffused in the Nigerian Banking sector, what kind of ICTs are adopted and what factors determine this, and in what ways has the adoption of ICTs influenced the operational modes and performance of the firms in the sector. The paper�s methodology is an analytical assessment of about twenty empirical papers published on various aspects of diffusion and adoption of ICT in the Nigerian banking sector. The analysis showed that the Nigerian banking sector has almost entirely embraced the ICT ideology, banks have extensively applied ICT into their operations over the years and this recourse to ICT adoption has in some ways influenced the ways banks carry out their operations. The analysis also revealed that the main factors driving the increased reliance on ICT conformto those in the global literature, and that increased adoption of ICT by banks has positive impacts on their operations and performance.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057