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The Environmental Impact of Production and Sales of Sachet Water in Nigeria

MO Mojekeh, PAO Eze


The daily visible pollution, abuse of and threat to the ecological system, posed by the impact of man’s activity and technological and industrial development on the essential components of the natural environment-that is the air, land, and water, belie any appearance of complete ignorance in their regard. This article focused on the numerous factors associated to the environmental impact of production and sales of sachet water in Nigeria. Questionnaire and oral interviews were used for data collection. The research findings revealed that the empty sacs of sachet water waste is not really a problem; rather, it is the poor attitude of the consumers and inhabitants of commercial cities and also lack of education on proper management, disposal and recycling techniques. Besides, some of the samples examined by laboratory analysts showed the presence of fungal contamination and indication of bacteria infection. The implication is that many of the sachet water sold to the publics in Nigeria may be possible source of water borne diseases.
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