The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Sociology of Religion in Nigeria

  • OOC Uche


The teaching and learning of Sociology of Religion in Nigeria face some
grave challenges. As an academic discipline in religious studies, many who
teach this specialized discipline are not experts. This makes Sociology of
Religion anybody’s game which does not promote sound scholarship,
creativity and intellectual stimulation in the teaching and learning of the
discipline. Similarly, the study of the whole society from the perspective of
religion calls for a disciplined study, comparable knowledge and systematic
relationships between the various groups and their effects on institutions in
Nigeria. It is the purpose of this paper to identify the challenges, analyze
them and suggest functional ways of re-positioning and improving the
teaching and learning of Sociology of Religion. The practical involvement of
religion in societal functions is open to the complementary role of primary
and sociological approaches. Sociology of Religion has a clear scope,
scientific methodology and identifiable challenges such as lack of specialists, basic texts, instructional materials, and funds. However, proper training,registration and membership of the proposed National Association of Sociologists of Religion (NASOR), floating and subscribing to the Journal of Sociology of Religion and dialogue are brief statements of recommendation aimed at improving the teaching and learning of Sociology of Religion in Nigeria.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
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