Scientific and Technological Skills Acquisition at the Primary School Level as a Strategy to Mitigating the Challenges of Vision 2020 in Nigeria

  • JB Nbina


Primary science is the foundation on which subsequent science teaching and
learning at the secondary and tertiary levels of education is built. The low
number of graduates in science and technology from the higher institution
that are independent, or self reliant shows that there is low or no skills
teaching in science and technology, which have generated a lot of concern
.the world is continuously being reduced to a global village due to science
and technology. There is therefore need to mobilize as many pupils as
possible and the teacher as well to learn and teach science skills. This paper
therefore highlights the interest and different skills which are imperative for
pupils in science and technology. It discusses strategies for skills
acquisition, how to demonstrate such skills, how to motivate learners to
acquire science and technological skills, and how to help learners practice
the new skills acquired. Recommendations are given on how the primary
school teacher can get involved in the crusade that skill is imperative for
pupils in science and technology.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057