Israel’s Genocide on Amalek (I Samuel 15) and Jos Crisis in Nigeria: A Socio-Religious Discourse

  • LE Ugwueye
  • IL Umeanolue
  • AA Ihemekwala


The issue of genocide has been an ugly occurrence in human society of all times. Genocide particularly in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria in recent times has been given religious interpretations. Religion which should be an agent of peace in a pluralistic society as Nigeria has today become almost an agent of discord. This work examined the issue of genocide in Jos in the light of the Old Testament Israel’s genocide on Amalek. The study showed that most of the evils of our time attributed to religion are not entirely religious issues as popularly acclaimed, only that religion has allowed itself to be used by some people as a means of achieving their political and economic interests. The paper discussed the effects of genocide on human society such as danger to public health, social insecurity, and prolonged enmity, violation of fundamental human rights, psychological trauma and economic crisis. This study concluded that there should be a sharp distinction between state matters and religious matters in Nigeria. Frankness in dialogue and sincere reconciliation are imperative to curb future genocide re-occurrence in Nigeria.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057