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Profiling of the Nigerian Entrepreneurs

FIO Iyayi, JT Akinmayowa, SO Enaini


This paper took a cursory look on profiling of the Nigerian entrepreneurs because it is understood that entrepreneurs are differing in their behaviour compared to the non-entrepreneurs. To achieve this purpose several issues such the meaning of profile and profiling, theoretical framework of entrepreneurial profile, the general profile of entrepreneurs, the profiling of foreign entrepreneurs, the profiling of the Nigerian entrepreneurs, and a comparative analysis of the Nigerian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from other countries, were analytically reviewed. The paper shows that the Nigerian entrepreneur has-drive and energy, self-confidence, desire for money, need for achievement; is-a persistent problem-solver, a goal setter, optimistic, independence, a master of his own fate, profit-oriented and he-takes initiatives and seeks personal responsibility, gets along with others, and shows foresight. This analysis shows that the profile of the Nigerian entrepreneurs is not significantly different from those in foreign countries but what makes the foreign entrepreneurs more successful than the Nigerian entrepreneurs is that they have a system that works unlike Nigeria that is characterized by inadequate infrastructures, high level of government interference and political instability, lack of technological education, mistrust and dishonesty, and high level of corruption.

Keywords: Entrepreneurs, Profiling, entrepreneur characteristics, social psychology, personality, cognition
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