Actualizing Nigeria‟s Vision 20:2020 Goals: Imperativeness of Arts and Social Science Education

  • EO Erhagbe


An extant national expectation in present day Nigeria, is the projection by way of “Vision 20: 2020” that come the year 2020, Nigeria would have so transformed and developed economically that it would rank among the first twenty top economies in the world. Based on the resources of the Country, both human and material, this target would ordinarily be attainable. Unfortunately however, the present developmental indicators in the Country, including, poor infrastructural base, epileptic power supply, palpable insecurity and the reverse order of industrial development, whereby existing manufacturing industries are folding up, all point to the fact that on a realistic assessment, this target is a mirage. Worse still, is the monumental corruption and inept leadership in the country. Thus the most crucial missing link in Nigeria‟s drive towards the attainment of “the Vision” is having the right crop of leadership. Furthermore, there is an urgent need to re-orientate the society, especially the leadership, in terms of values, norms, and acceptable conduct, and the most veritable instrument for achieving this is through education. It is in this context that the usefulness and the need to stress Arts and Social Sciences education is strongly advocated.

Key words: Vision 20:2020; Leadership; Arts; Social Sciences; Education


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eISSN: 2070-0083
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