The Influence of Socio-cultural Domains on Communication

  • MC Uyanne
  • OJ Oti


The way we use language is directly related to our cultural backgrounds. Culture refers to learned and shared values, beliefs, and behaviour common to a particular group of people. Culture may also include common artifacts, music, customs, food, language, dress, and celebrations. Your cultural background includes your ethnicity, age, nationality, gender, family structure, spirituality, and sexual orientation. Each of these individually influences the way you use language. Certain words, phrases, and nonverbal elements are connected to certain aspects of your culture background. Specialized languages develop within groups that share a common element. In similar ways, people who share common cultural experiences also develop particular terminologies. In fact these language systems are even more significant given that they also include specific rules and how and when to use such terms. In addition, they are largely multigenerational – passed on from generation to generation. Culture is a powerful force that affects every aspect of our lives. Culture is synonymous with „the ways of a people‟.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057