An Appraisal of the Use of Psalm 35 as "Dangerous Prayer‟ in Mountain of Fire and Miracle (MFM) Church

  • LE Ugwueye
  • EN Uzuegbunam


The appeal to God‟s justice is basic for understanding the efficacy of Psalm 35 and for comprehending the point of view of the Old Testament man. Like all other individual lament psalms it has unjust accusation behind its lament and it is on this basis that it seeks to be vindicated and no doubt on this platform too, the request gains validity and fulfillment. MFM has gone further than the other African prayer-based churches to target the evil one for annihilation with the verbal spiritual missile of Psalm 35. MFM uses psalm 35 as imprecation for dangerous prayer and it could work so if the contents, intentions, circumstances and the contexts of the prototype passage are similar. For the eligibility of usage of this prayer dangerously and for its efficacy, justice must be on the side of the one praying. The whole thing bothers on the much needed but grossly lacked sincerity, honesty, social justice and good attitudinal behavior in our society. It is one‟s good behavior, sincerity, justice and faithfulness, as possessed by the psalmist, that provide the opportunity of having God‟s listening ear for justice and vengeance in situations of injustice and marginalization. God is justice and a just man is intrinsically in alliance with God‟s will. The essence of every prayer is to get in tune to God‟s will not man‟s own will.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057