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Measurements in Accounting: Issues and Choices Determinants

PO Ibadin, F Izedonmi


This paper examines the common measurements in accounting, addressing the issues in general terms, including the circumstances and situations that determine each accounting measurement choice .To drive these issues, references were made to extant literature on common measurement bases and while each measurement choice is attractive. While the measurement choices made are as revealing as the reasons, research also shows that the measurement bases chosen reflect the accounting practices and principles that are most objective in capturing particular accounting items and the expectations of particular users of financial statements. In addition, it was observed from experiences that national standards and international standards as revealed in some instances play a key role in the choice of treatment of accounting items. In essence, no particular bases are in use for all companies and even amongst companies in the same sector except to reflect treatment of items in the most objective ways.

Key words: Accounting measurement, measurement bases, measurement bases determinants
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