Performing Arts in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Curriculum for Youths Employability

  • O Iwuchukwu


Two major arguments are presented in this paper. The first one is that the Performing Arts courses constitute programmes that aid the reduction of unemployment in many nations. The second argument is that, based on that premise, the Open and Distance Learning institutions could include it in their curricula to boost the employability of youths because the courses that make up the Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama) are areas of specialization that guarantee immediate employment to the professionals in most cases. This claim is premised on the number of emerging musicians, dancers, actors, actresses, the frequency and popularity of musical shows/jamborees, the increasing number of awards for performers, TV reality programmes and the astronomic rise in dramatic productions (home videos, films, soaps and other TV plays) in Nigeria. With the flexibility, accessibility, and wide coverage of the university, NOUN could design undergraduate, certificate and diploma programmes to enable those with innate talents to improve on them and others with the desire to learn. The recommendation include a blended e-learning approach that would be made up of 30% face to face whereby students meet with their instructors; 30% individual learning and practice and 40% collaboration with group mates.

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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057