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Financial Intelligence and the Quality of Higher Education in Africa

OS Faboyede, E Ben-Caleb, I Obigbemi


Improving the quality of curriculum development in private Universities in Africa from time to time is a task that is very essential to achieving effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance in the higher education system. Financial Intelligence is one of the five components of a twenty first century education, the kind of education that actually delivers the financial andwealth building results that people deserve. Unfortunately, a 21st century education is not something that is currently obtainable in the traditional school system in Africa, requiring instead that students go out and seek it on their own. This paper, using the explorative methodology, establishes that without financial intelligence, graduates from African private higher education schools will be forced to follow the road of financial disaster, ruin, and anti-excellence which most people travelled. It therefore recommends among others that financial intelligence be integrated into the curriculum of African Universities to enable students know the how of making money, work for them rather than simply working for money.

Keywords: Financial Intelligence, Quality, Higher Education, Africa
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