Analyse des structures planaires multicouches à ferrite par la méthode des éléments finis

  • M Meliani
  • M Feham
  • B Benbakhtia
Keywords: Planar phase shifters, microwave couplers, ferrite substrate, quasi-TEM mode, electromagnetic characterization, finite element method.ÿÿ


Finite element analysis of multi-layer planar structures with Ferrite

Electromagnetic Analysis of microwave integrated circuits is an attractive subject do to the recent development and use of new materials such as magnetic  anisotropic materials (hexaferrite, ...). These materials are used in many microwave components (isolator, circulator, phase shifter) employed in telecommunication systems. The design of these devices requires a rigorous electromagnetic characterization of their performances. This paper presents the analysis by the finite element method of several planar structures with dielectric and ferrite layers polarized longitudinally in the direction of propagation. This method allows the determination of the effective permeability, the characteristic impedance, the primary parameters of the equivalent circuit of planar structures propagating the quasi-TEM mode. The influence of the frequency and the magnetization H0 on these parameters is then derived.


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eISSN: 1813-548X