Influence de la phosphatation au zinc sur la résistance a la corrosion d’un acier au carbone en milieu maring

  • A Ettaqi
  • A Irhzo
  • RD Daoudi
  • B Chaker
Keywords: Phosphatation to the zinc, corrosion, steel XC N10, marine medium (NaCl 3%)


Zinc phosphatation influence on the resistance to corrosion of a carbonbased steel in marine medium

In the frame of the present investigation, we have showed that the profile of the cathodic curves of a non phosphated metal, plead in favour to a kinetic profile essentially monitored by a pure diffusion. The corrosion rate, obtained from the cathodic curves as well as by a colorimetrical dosage of the dissolved iron, increases when the rotation speed of the electrode increases. Which show a diffusional control the phosphatation of the electrode does not seem to modify the cathodic curves profile. However the height of the diffusion palier depends on the thickness of the phosphatation layer. It takes values lower than those of an uncovered steel for a layer thickness of two micrometers the phosphatation layer reinforce notably the resistance to the corrosion of the internal layer which is essentially composed with iron oxides, by decreasing the corrosion rate with the increase of the layer. However, the benefical effect of the phosphatation is maximal for a thickness of three micrometers. This effect occurs also during the anodic behaviour.


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eISSN: 1813-548X