Architecture d’une solution de sécurité dans un réseau sans fil basé sur la norme IEEE 802.1x

  • S Oumtanaga
  • J Kouraogo
Keywords: IEEE 802.11b, Services IP, roaming, Radius server, gate web, authentication, EAP-TLS, TKIP, WPA, WPA2.


The standard 802.11b became a reference as regards data-processing communication wireless, but its system of safety presents several vulnerabilities. This is why of many encodings and other technical solutions came to assistance of the 802.11b. Even if these solutions do not resolve in a final way the problem of safety, it should be noted that they strongly improve it. We propose to tackle the problem of safety met in the  networks 802.11b by the study of the various evolutions concerning the systems of safety and we  present the architecture of a solution of safety based on the use of a gate Web and standard IEEE 802.1x. Through this architecture we show that it is possible to implement an architecture which can improve safety in wireless LAN 802.11b.


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eISSN: 1813-548X