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Impediments and potentials of adoption of improved three leaf yam (<i>Dioscoreadumetorum</i>) production technologies among farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria

J.I.K. Njoku
E.V. Anyanwu


The study examined the impediments and potentials of adoption of improved Three-leaved yam production in Enugu State Nigeria. The specific  objectives of the study include to describe the socio-economic characteristics of rural farmers, determined the potentials of the production of three- leaved yam, determine the level of adoption of production technologies and identify the constraints of adoption of improved production technologies of  three-leaved yam by farmers. The population of the study consist of all three leafed yam farmers in the study area. The instrument for data collection was  structured questionnaire administered to 120 farmers. Multistage randomsampling procedure and purposive sampling technique were used in the  selection of 120 three leaved yam farmers. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The result revealed that most socio- economic characteristics significantly influenced the adoption of improved production technologies. Results also showed that potentials of adoption of  improved trifoliate yam production technologies were as follows: better management of trifoliate yam (3.60), early maturity (3.61), increased profitability  (3.62) and provision of employment (3.69).The major constraints to adoption were high cost of technologies (?̅=2.9), lack of collaboration between farmers  and extension agents (?̅ = 2.9).Result of the multiple regression analysis revealed that coefficient of multiple determination (R2 ) of 0.7628  significantly influence adoption levels. Result also showed that radio-programmes, news letter, mobile phone and fellow farmers were important sources  of information and significantly influenced adoption level of improved production technologies by farmers. The study concluded that adoption of improved production technologies by three leafed yam farmers in Imo State was generally low and therefore recommends that extension service should  step-up the tempo by creating awareness on the importance of three leaf yam and the need adopt the production technologies geared towardsenhanced  food production.  

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