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Beekeeping: A veritable tool for strengthening rural livelihood and poverty alleviation in Nigeria

I.H. Ojo
J.H. Kagbu
C.A. Ohiri


The review attempts to assess the prospects of beekeeping as veritable tool for strengthening rural-livelihood and poverty alleviation in Nigeria. An x-ray  of the honeybee floral wealth of Nigeria was done. The paper also reviewed the concepts of sustainable livelihood and highlights the potential of  beekeeping as a useful means of strengthening rural livelihoods because its uses and creates a range of assets that is sustainable. Nigeria is blessed with  large reservoirs of honeybee Apis mellifera adonsonii. Tapping into these natural resources, the apicultural sector will not only boost agricultural  production for domestic consumption but also for export to end extreme poverty (Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 1), eradicate hunger and achieve  food security of zero hunger. Apitherapy could support SDG 3 of healthy living and wellness among the Nigerian populace. Employment opportunities for stakeholders along beekeeping value chain and the establishment of bee cottage industries will aid the achievement of SDG 8 of decent work and  economic growth in Nigeria. Educational campaign to beekeepers on the need for sustainable breeding of honeybee, harvesting of honey and other  honeybee products is suggested. Furthermore, policy to encourage afforestation of honeybee floral plants for beekeeping for the present and future   generations is recommended.

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