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Organizational climate and culture: Imaging trends on employees’ commitment in Ministry of Agriculture Lagos State, Nigeria

I.A. Okidim
A.I. Ben-Elijah
O. Chukuigwe


The study examined effects of organizational climate and culture on employees’ commitment in Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture. A  Multistage sampling technique was utilized to select 84 respondents. Questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. Data  were analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics. Results revealed that 36.1% of the respondents were between the ages of 31-40  years of age. Majority, 51.8% were male while 62.7% were married. Majority (54.2%) had B. Sc. Degrees. Mean income was #115,933.43  with 67.5% in the high ranking positions. Respondents acknowledged the presence of desirable climatic atmosphere in the organization.  Prominent one was work flexible and security (X=4.45), the major culture was flexible and adaptability (X=4.45). Normative commitment  (X=3.42) was the highest where majority agreed that organization deserved their loyalty. Continuance commitment had mean of 3.32 and  premised by leaving the organization required their sacrifice (X=3.64). Least was Affective commitment (X=2.94) where respondents  declared their organization having meaning to them (X=3.78). 72.3% were in high commitment levels. Tested hypotheses revealed that  sex (X2=0.001), rank (X2=0.001), age (r=0.00), income(r=0.001) and years of experience(r=0.002) were significantly (p<0.05) associated with  the organizational commitment. Results of PPMC revealed climate and culture (r=0.00, p<0.05) were significantly related to the  organizations’ commitment. The study concludes that climate and culture in organization affect commitment of the employees also,  employees were highly committed to the organization. Organization is recommended to improve the culture and the climate in the  organization. Employees are also enjoined to be more affectively committed to the organization.  

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