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Plato, Freud and Marx on Human Nature: A Comparative Analysis

SO Opafola


This paper examines the conceptions of human nature by Plato, Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx, with a view to revealing and explaining the  convergence and divergence between these conceptions. It shows that agreement or disagreement on the distinguishing characteristics of human individuals can be situated on spiritual or material planes, or on both  platforms. This revelation takes cognizance of and emphasizes the distinction between the individual and the social dimensions of the nature of human persons. The paper considers this distinction and argues that the
relationship between the two dimensions is symbiotic. Furthermore, it draws attention to and discusses the implications of the diversity in the elements of human nature and the mutually re-inforcing interface between the individual and social dimensions of human nature. In addition, the paper uncovers the implications of the neglect and, or, accommodation of these differences and dialogue for human persons. It submits that the  differences in the elements of human nature and the symbiotic relationship
between the individual and social dimensions of the nature of human  persons should be acknowledged and accommodated to some extent to promote human respect and dignity.

Keywords: Plato, Freud, Marx, Nature, Persons, Analysis.

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