Promoting the Culture of Peace and Democracy for Sustainable Development in Nigeria: A Philosophical Mapping

  • SA Ekanem
  • RA Adalikwu
  • PB Amini
  • JB Ejue
  • GU Ntamu


Nigeria celebrated a decade of uninterrupted democratic governance on May 29, 2009, but the celebration was devoid of any reflection on the greatest harm of the last thirty five years - the undermining of democracy in the country. What is important about a democracy is not the constitution that we have, whether it is the Westminster system or an American style presidential system, but the power of the people to select and elect the candidate based on their perception of the candidate’s policy being right without coercion of any kind. True democracy operates in an environment of peace where the electorates have the absolute liberty to vote a party of their choice based on policy or ideology that they feel is right and proper, which could enhance both the individual and corporate aspiration of the people. However, in Nigeria, there exist a plethora of problems that are largely due to the absence of a sound philosophy of peace and democracy in the country. Indeed, the democratic system in Nigeria can best be described as anarchic in nature. The development of a philosophy of peace and democracy will be a catalyst for sustainable growth of Nigeria.

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print ISSN: 2141-4343