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The relevance of African indigenous knowledge systems in contemporary conflict transformation: the case of the Bakweri Chieftaincy in Cameroon

Valery Buinwi Ferim, Hassan Omari Kaya


This study makes a critical investigation into the efficacy of the Bakweri chieftaincy of the south-west region of Cameroon in the sustainable transformation of contemporary conflicts. The Bakweri people have a rich culture of indigenous mechanisms for mitigating conflicts. However, most of them have been overshadowed by modern state structures in the contemporary era of globalisation. The study found that the Bakweri chieftaincy faces numerous challenges in contemporary times. Among others, it is marred by corruption, a leviathan state and the impact of immigration into the local communities. These undermine Bakweri customs, including respect for its traditional institutions. Despite this, the study concludes that as an indigenous African institution, the chieftaincy holds great potential for the restorative and sustainable resolution of disputes.

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