Case finding of hypertension at a secondary health care facility in south-west Nigeria

  • I.A. Azeez
  • B.O. Yusuf
Keywords: Obesity, Age, Prevalence, Hypertension


Background: The prevalence of hypertension is higher in Semi-urban areas than in rural areas. There is a rising prevalence of hypertension in developing countries. Significant independent association has been found between age, family history and prevalence of hypertension according to the literature. This study sought to determine the prevalence of hypertension at the State Hospital Oyo and provide evidence for routine checks of blood pressure (BP) for adult patients.

Methods: A Cross-sectional study was conducted at the General Outpatient Clinic of the State Hospital Oyo. 350 adults between the ages of 18 and 70 years were recruited for the study. A total sampling technique was used to recruit consecutive patients until a sample size of 350 was achieved.

Results: The prevalence of hypertension was 102/350 = 29%. Thirty (29.70%) of respondents who were 55 years and above had systolic hypertension while 24 (23.80%) had normal BP (x2 = 87.62, p-value = 0.0001). Majority (57.6%) of respondents who had tertiary education had normal blood pressure while 24 (20.3%) had systolic hypertension (x2 = 39.88, p-value = 0.0001). Twenty one (36.8%s) of respondents who were obese had systolic hypertension while 16 (28.1%) had normal blood pressure (x2 = 20.61 , p-value = 0.02). Thirteen (12.80%) of respondents who were 55 years and above had diastolic hypertension while a majority (58.40%) had normal BP (x2 = 33.40, p-value = 0.0001).

Conclusions: Age, obesity and education were found to be risk factors for developing hypertension. However after adjusting for other variables, the predictor of risk of developing hypertension was age of respondents.

Keywords: Obesity, Age, Prevalence, Hypertension


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eISSN: 1597-1627