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Possible effects of nutraceuticals in the management of some neurodevelopmental disorders in Nigerian children

A.D. Ajibade


Introduction: A nutraceutical is a pharmaceutical grade nutrient or nutrient complex that may be used for medicinal purposes. Most nutraceuticals are derived from plants and have been shown to be generally safe when used as food supplements. There is growing interest in the use of these natural products in delaying, ameliorating, and treating acute and chronic diseases. Ong W.Y and co-editors in 2016 edited a special collection of reports on beneficial effects of nutraceuticals in the management of neurodegenerative diseases and aging. However, there is paucity of reports of their use in sub-Saharan Africa.

Case Reports: Here we describe a case series of some of the children managed at our center using nutraceuticals and other supportive care. Details of the observed effects are described in this report.

Discussion: Globally, there is rising evidence of improved treatment outcomes with use of nutraceuticals. Our experience in the management of Nigerian children with neurodevelopmental disorders suggests that they may be beneficial and are deserving of well-controlled studies. We hope that this case series will raise interest of researchers in Nigeria in designing observational studies and clinical trials aimed at generating evidence for or against their use.

Keywords: Autism, Autism spectrum disorders, Neurodevelopmental disorders, Nutraceuticals, Nigeria

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