Variant Branching of the Common Femoral Artery in a Black Kenyan Population: Trifurcation is Common

  • J Ogeng’o
  • M Misiani
  • B Waisiko
  • BO Olabu
  • E Maranga


Branching pattern of common femoral artery is important during artery catheterization, orthopaedic, plastic and general surgery in the proximal thigh. Frequency of variant branching shows ethnic variation but there are no data for black African populations. Since atherosclerotic diseases are increasing and femoral artery catheterization is rising, variation in  branching of common femoral artery was studied by dissection in a black Kenyan population. 208 femoral arteries in 104 limbs were studied. Bifurcation occurred in only 72.1% of cases. Trifurcation into superficial femoral, profunda femoris and lateral circumflex femoral arteries occurred in 27.9% of cases. Trifurcation of common femoral artery is a common variation in the black Kenyan population. Pre – operative ultrasonic evaluation of the femoral arterial system is recommended to minimize inadvertent arterial injury during catheterization or surgery.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2305-9478
print ISSN: 2226-6054