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Histochemical assessment of Moringa – oleifera oil and walnut oil on cadmium induced lateral geniculate body damage in developing male Wistar rats (Rattus novergiccus)

O.D. Omotoso, S.A. Adelakun, B.P. Akwu, E. Ogbonna, I.J. Idomeh


The brain is vulnerable to oxidative damage due to its high oxygen consumption. This Study investigate the effects of cadmium on the lateral geniculate body of developing male wistar rats and ameliorative potential of Moringa oleifera seed oil and walnut oil extracts. Seven groups of five animals each were used in this experiment. Group A received 3ml of 0.9% normal saline; group B received 2.5mg/kg bw of 3CdSO4.8H2O, group C received 5mg/kg bw vitamin C & 6mg/kg bw vitamin E, group D received 5mg/kg bw vitamin C & 6mg/kg bw vitamin E + 2.5mg/kg bw Cd, group E received 2.5mg/kg bw Cd + 4mg/kg bw Moringa oleifera oil, group F received 2.5mg/kg bw Cd + 4mg/kg bw walnut oil, while group G received 2.5mg/kg bw Cd + 2mg/kg bw walnut + 2mg/kg bw Moringa oleifera oil concomitantly for 3weeks. Parameter tested includes LDH, G6PD in brain tissues, SOD and GPx enzymes in brain homogenates and serum and cresyl fast violet stain in the brain tissues. Cd administration significantly increased SOD, GPx, LDH and decreased G6PD level in brain tissue and decreased their activity in serum when compared with Group A control rats. There was marked reduction and lost in the distribution of nissl substances of the studied tissues of Cd administered animals. However, administration of vitamin C & E, walnut and Moringa oleifera oil restored damaged tissues. Walnut and Moringa oleifera seed oil therefore attenuated the oxidative damage and morphological changes induced by cadmium in the lateral geniculate body of the brain of the young male wistar rats.

Key Words: Lateral geniculate body, Antioxidant, Histochemical, Cadmium, Oxidative Damage

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